March Madness

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What’s The Big Deal About MARCH MADNESS? Ever Since Forever Ago, The Month of March Has Simply Been About One Thing & One Thing Only. THE NCAA TOURNAMENT! People From All Over The World Wait For Spring To Come Around So They Can Fill Out Their Brackets & See How Well They Can Pick Winners. Even President Obama Participates In March Madness. The NCAA Tournament, Generates Billions of Dollars Around This Time of The Year. It’s Kind of Ironic That We’re Speaking About The NCAA, Due To Their Recent Controversies Concerning The “Non-Pay”  of Collegiate Athletes As A Whole & Also Recent Scandals Involving Premiere Institutions Including Louisville, Arizona, Michigan St. & Duke University. Even King James Recently Stated To ESPN Reporters That The “NCAA IS CORRUPT.” Even Though Those Topics Are For Another Day, These Are Issues That The NCAA Will Be Forces To Deal With.


March Madness Is Where Amateur Athletes Become Legends! The Majority of The March Madness Heroes Do Not Pan Out To Be NBA Stars. That’s Just The Bottom Line. Take Christian Laettner For Example. He Was One of The Best NCAA Players In The History of Basketball & Undisputedly One of The Most Clutch Collegiate Athletes Ever. Unfortunately His NBA Career Did Not March His Collegiate Greatness. In All Honesty Though Who Cares?March Madness Is About The Now! Last Second Shots, Buzzer Beaters, Upsets, David Vs. Goliath Matchups. This Month Supplies The Best Reality TV Point Blank Period. For That One Shining Moment, These Athletes Cement Their Legacy Forever. 


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